Working at a Refinery on the Ship Channel

I am not working for a refinery, but instead I am doing contracting work for a company that works for a huge refinery on the ship channel. I do different things, depending upon what needs to be done, but mostly I am going around making sure that all of the other people do what they are supposed to do. It is like a little city and the operations are spread all over it. I had to check the ambit energy rates in houston before I moved into this little place where I am living right now. It is absolutely tiny, but I do not know how long this is going to last and this place is costing me next to nothing to live in. This is simply a loft above a big garage this guy built next to his business. He has a couple of old cars stored down there. I can not really tell what they are, because they are taken apart and he is in the process of fixing them up.

In fact I am pretty much a watchdog, he came right out and said it. It makes sense when you think about it. People who steal stuff want to be able to get away with it, so they steal stuff from places that do not have anyone in them usually. When you go in a place with a gun and rob people, that gets a lot of attention from the police obviously. Like a big dog chained up in the yard I am a deterrent for thieves. They see my light on, they see me moving around and so forth. They might not be afraid of me, but they would not want me to call the police on them while they were doing their dirty work either.