Speeding Up and Away from Dial Up

A couple of months back, I got cheap DSL Internet after one of my friends did it and told me about how much he enjoyed it. Before getting DSL, we were both still using dial up Internet. As crazy as it sounds, there are still quite a few people who use dial up. It’s mostly people who live in rural areas, but there are a few exceptions, like my friend and I. We were satisfied paying the price for dial up, even though the service was incredibly slow. Then one day my friend decided to try DSL, because there was a special offer for it that he saw on television, and it changed his life forever.

When my friend opened his web browser, he was amazed at how fast it loaded pages. To him, it was like the Internet was connected to his brain. He started watching all kinds of movies online that would have taken him an entire day to download on his old dial up connection. He called me and told me to come over his house. He hooked his laptop up to his television and showed me some of the funny clips he had been watching. For some reason, he really loves watching monkey related clips.

After seeing how fast his Internet connection was, I decided it was time to finally ditch dial up and get DSL service in my home. When I finally did, I told my parents about it, and they were glad I finally decided to join everyone else in the future. They had been using DSL for a long time, and thought it was weird that I was still using dial up. Now they want to call me on their VOIP program all the time so they can talk to me using the Internet.