More Companies Should Offer Unlimited Data

I hate that many phone companies have stopped offering a true unlimited data plan. Some companies that used to have the plan have phased it out entirely, and now only offer high priced options with small amounts. Others have an unlimited option that only works for a certain amount of data, and then when the user goes over a certain limit, the data speed changes to a slower one. Between throttling and nothing, I’m really not sure which is worse. One gives you a taste of what you want and yanks it away, while the other just leaves you to starve.

I used to have a 2 year contract with a company that only offered limited data packages. Their prices were expensive, so I chose the cheapest package available. All smartphone users who signed up for a contract had to select 1 data plan, so at the very least, there would be an extra $20 added to your monthly bill. I only had 1GB of data in my package. When I first started using the data, I ran out of it in only 5 days, and I could only get more by paying an extra $10 per gigabyte. Any unused data from the previous month didn’t roll over. I became better at managing my data usage and was able to make it last an entire month by making downloads over my slower Wifi connection instead.

After 2 terrible years, I was finally able to leave my contract and look for a better one. I switched to one of the last companies to offer true unlimited data without any throttling. They also gave me a new phone for signing up with their plan, and an option to change to a new phone whenever I want, as long as I trade in my old one.