Making a Change for Work Was Necessary for Me

Working in an emergency room for over 15 years took a heavy toll on me. I knew that it would be impossible for me to not make a change because I needed to work in a setting that is a bit more peaceful. Moving to a rural area to open my own practice is just what I needed. Starting my own place meant that I had to look for the best baby scales under $200 and a lot of other things that I would need at good prices. I was starting from scratch since I had never needed to buy these things on my own before. I felt that it was well worth it in order to run my own place, though.

When I originally decided to work in an emergency room, I was, of course, much younger and had also just graducated from medical school. I wanted to be where the action is. I felt that working for someone else and just seeing patients each day would be rather boring. But that is not how it usually is. You get to meet people and get to know their families when you see people on a regular basis. People who come into the ER don’t get to spend much time with you, and as soon as you help them, they are typically whisked away so that they can leave the hospital or be admitted to the hospital where you don’t normally see them. I needed some peace and quiet, and I wanted to get to now people more.

I decided that moving to a rural area would be best. I knew that many small towns are struggling to keep doctors around, and I wanted to be the only one or one of few. I wanted a place that I could settle into and retire I ended up buying all the equipment that I needed and opening up the day after New Year’s. It is a really nice place.