Got a New Job in Fort Worth

It was a pretty hectic week for me here. I spent the past three days moving from College Station up to the outskirts of Fort Worth. In fact my job is within a short distance of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Originally I was looking to get a job with the office of txu energy in fort worth, but that sort of fell through at the last minute. I was pretty disappointed, but it turned out to be a good thing for me. That was a good job, but it was not as good as the one that I ended up getting a few days later. Instead of working in an office I am going to be managing a night club that belongs to the uncle of a guy I went to school with. The job would be pretty poor if not for the fact that there seems to be nothing except beautiful girls working at this place. I would guess that I have about three dozen people under me and around half of them are really good looking girls.

Of course that is the underlying idea behind this place. It is similar in concept to Hooters. You have a lot of big screen TV’s all around the place, maybe thirty of them in all. Then you have beautiful girls who serve you and they do not exactly hide their assets as well as they might. It is all a big tease of course, but some of these girls make a lot of money. Apparently from what they tell me it is a matter of learning how to straddle the line, between being too naughty and not naughty enough. Obviously the customers are not going to be giving out huge tips if the waitress is not playing along with the fantasy.