Working at a Refinery on the Ship Channel

I am not working for a refinery, but instead I am doing contracting work for a company that works for a huge refinery on the ship channel. I do different things, depending upon what needs to be done, but mostly I am going around making sure that all of the other people do what they are supposed to do. It is like a little city and the operations are spread all over it. I had to check the ambit energy rates in houston before I moved into this little place where I am living right now. It is absolutely tiny, but I do not know how long this is going to last and this place is costing me next to nothing to live in. Continue reading

Got a New Job in Fort Worth

It was a pretty hectic week for me here. I spent the past three days moving from College Station up to the outskirts of Fort Worth. In fact my job is within a short distance of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Originally I was looking to get a job with the office of txu energy in fort worth, but that sort of fell through at the last minute. I was pretty disappointed, but it turned out to be a good thing for me. That was a good job, but it was not as good as the one that I ended up getting a few days later. Continue reading